Food: Silver Fox – The Undeniable American Steakhouse

Since my brother is a huge steak fan, we ended up at Silver Fox for his birthday – boy was it a treat! The interiors are beautifully done, alluding to the fine establishment within.
There are two main dining areas: inside with open kitchens and another outside. Moreover, the service here is impeccable, since they don’t have dish descriptions, the servers have to know their stuff which they really do! Their recommendations were spot on. Special shout out to our server: Marie – she was brilliant, very attentive. Additionally, she appeared when needed and made sure the meal progressed smoothly.

Silver Fox differs from the abundant food joints here in more than one perspective: the main reason is the USDA certified steak. I recently learned that only the top 2% of all beef is graded USDA prime and so the price tag is a tad bit higher, but with the updated menu I think the prices are quite reasonable. Plus if you visit before 1st Feb you’ll be in a draw to win an all inclusive trip to the USA; just check in to their WIFI network and follow them on social media.

I was curious as to where the staircase was leading to and found out that they’ll soon open their second floor which means a second terrace as well as a private dining area and elevator – luxury at its best. the drink

Moving on to our drinks, I opted for the berry fizz: raspberry and strawberry puree mixed with Sprite served in a champagne flute – quite fruity, I liked the Sprite added kick.
The Saharan sunset: pomegranate and orange juice mixed together, was presented with some orange peel, and was quite tangy- brimming with amazing flavors.
The mojito was your typical refreshing mojito but heightened the flavorsome steak. pizap.com14221861643421

For starters we tried the III (3) forks salad: granny smith apple, walnuts and blue cheese tossed in a sweet dressing. The salad was delicious, one of the best I’ve had, I would not stop reaching for it. The french onion soup: beef broth, caramelized onions and croutons. It’s a rich, hearty soup which could be had on it own, topped with a hefty layer of cheese perfect for the winter! mains and bread pudding

For mains, there was no way that big bro would not get the New York strip (12 oz). It was served with crunchy snap peas and bell peppers and a side of choice (six cheese potatoes) and sauce of your choice (florentine-garlic and olive oil). The steak itself was exquisite, looked incredibly appetizing and had the right ratio of marbling. The flavors come through instantly and put my already happy tastebuds into overdrive. On that note the steak melts in your mouth and was cooked to perfection. The six cheese potatoes were also fantastic, super soft and cheesy.

I on the other hand ordered the chilean sea bass (10 oz) with off the cob cream corn as a side. It’s quite a big piece of buttery fish and I had trouble finishing it, even though it was another melt in your mouth creation with a luscious texture. The off the cob cream corn had a hint of sweetness and went well with the sea bass. Silver Fox knows how to do food!

Now for my favorite part of every meal dessert! As always, we tried as many desserts as possible: orange creme brulee, bread pudding and chocolate ganache cake.
The creme brulee was wonderful and elegantly presented but it had a strong orange flavor, so beware it packs a punch.
The bread pudding was served atop caramel sauce alongside cinnamon ice cream, roasted pecans and sliced strawberries. The slightly dense warm bread pudding clashes against the thankfully moderate cinnamon ice cream for a spectacular combination.
The table favorite was the towering 12 layer chocolate ganache cake. 12 alternating layers of moist cake with creamy ganache and topped with chocolate flakes and covered all around in shaved coconut for some extra crunch =O. It was presented beautifully with a fan of sliced strawberries. Another excellent point is that whatever item Silver Fox puts out, it makes sure that the flavors are balanced, you don’t get too little or too much, just the right amount!

The entire meal had balanced flavors and the restaurant is perfect for any occasion: be it a family bash, date night or anything in between. You can call here: 04 7059794 for reservations.


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