Desserts: Eclair

If you follow me on social media, you’ve definitely heard me rave about the best eclairs in town, at the aptly named ‘Eclair’! This fantastic bakeshop located in Cluster Y, JLT has different renditions of the famous french pastry. With something for everybody, be it chocolate, fruit or funky exotic flavors. The branch itself is easy to spot (located on the lower level), and has modern chic decor. As soon as you walk in you’re greeted by the eclairs (regular and bite sized) sitting pretty in their glass case. I may have spoken too soon with that instagram post because all of their flavors are delicious!

What I loved: Salted caramel, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla, coffee, blackcurrant, japanese matcha green tea and rose & pistachio.

I liked: Yuzu (lemon), raspberry, mint chocolate, passion fruit and blood orange. The fruit ones pack a strong punch!

A couple of surprise favorites: rose & pistachio and dark chocolate. I normally stay away from anything with dark chocolate due to it usually being too bitter but in this magical eclair the flavors were balanced – being bittersweet (pun intended). The rose and pistachio was incredible, the rich pistachio cream on the inside complimented the impeccable rose icing.

The amazing thing about these eclairs is that they are light, have the right amount of filling, balanced sweetness and the perfect glaze on top. I believe they are reasonably priced since they use the finest and most carefully sourced ingredients plus everything is handmade. The regular is for 19 AED and the bite sized is for 8.50 AED.

Eclair will call on residents across Dubai to nominate, online or in-store, anyone they think is deserving of receiving a box of its éclairs, using the hashtag: #EclairThursdays on their social media profiles: facebook, twitter and instagram. You can order either in store, online from the company’s website here, or on the phone 04 4279901.

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