Desserts: Edo Cafe

Edo Cafe has caught my eye many a time since it’s located right next to Sapori Di Bice, Citywalk. Hence a visit was owed to the only establishment (that I know of) that specializes mainly in mochi. They also do amazing ice shaved desserts which will be tried on my next visit! They have edgy, minimalist decor. They also have these really cool wooden dolls for the young and young at heart that can be admired.

Moving on, to the mochi: I tried 4 flavors white chocolate, peach,  mixed berries and red bean. IMG-20150113-02119 All of them were delicious, the white chocolate was great, the sweetness was balanced and had good consistency. The peach had a fresh burst of flavor, clashing against the soft mochi base. The red bean had the softest mochi base and the taste was interesting to say the least but I really liked it. The mixed berries was okay the stretchy mochi base was a little hard (due to the filling, different filling different mochi base texture outcomes) and the filling was a bit tangy.

I also got a box of 12 mochi to-go so that I could try more flavors. IMG-20150113-02146 I loved: white chocolate, peach, red bean, strawberry cheesecake, caramel pudding, and melon. I liked: banana, mixed berries, blueberry, green tea, cafe macchiato and milk chocolate.

Another fantastic thing is that in the cream mochi you can clearly see 3 layers: mochi base, your jam flavor and natural low calorie whipped cream. For the ice cream mochi there are 2 layers: mochi base and your ice cream flavor.

I definitely recommend you to try it for a new fun experience!


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