Food: Cream Centre

Rating: 4.5/5
What I Loved: Spring vegetable soup, american corn cheese balls, chilli cheese toast, paneer ka baap sizzler and the sizzling brownie.

I was feeling a little underwhelmed walking into an almost empty restaurant at 7pm on a Thursday night but by the time we left -around 9pm- it was packed. The restaurant is brightly-lit and airy with an upscale vibe for the area.

We started of this explosive meal with the spring vegetable soup which had just the right amount of seasoning and flavorsome paneer.
The nachos were interesting to say the least since they were executed with a twist: being that since it was Indian style. The chips were a crossbreed of papad and dosa smothered in cheese and sweet salsa.
One of the stars of the night was the chilli cheese toast (half portion pictured above), gobbled up almost immediately, and worked well with the soup.
My personal favorite were the american corn cheese balls since it had the right consistency (not too cheesy).
Sev puri was alright and can’t wait to come back to try their take on our household staple: the dahi batata.

For drinks I got the peach iced tea whereas mom got the strawberry. I liked my peach tea better than the strawberry which is odd since I’m a strawberry fanatic. Another thing that I loved was that was served in a large glass that lasted the entire meal (a first for me).
Tried the half and half pizza, we chose margherita along with grilled and herbed vegetable. I liked the latter best but the margherita was good too.
The highlight of the mains was definitely the paneer sizzler which was absolutely fantastic: the paneer was bursting with flavor and kicked my tastebuds into overdrive. Since the vegetables were grilled to perfection, everything meshed well with the dual sauce laden rice.
The famous chole batura (did you see the size of that puri :O ) taste wise wasn’t bad but the credit goes to the batura. My mom loved the carrot pickle that was served.
After our meal, just before the show-stopping dessert, we were each brought a small bowl of warm water to cleanse our hands with which I must admit was a nice touch.

We ended our meal with one of the best interactive desserts – the long awaited sizzling brownie which tasted delicious. Crisp brownie on the outside and moist on the inside plus the roasted nuts were a good addition. The tea was also great.
A superb hidden gem located in Oud Mehta to which another visit is owed.


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