Food: Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket turned 1 on Friday the 12th of December and so I thought this was the perfect time to finally check the restaurant out ’cause of the festivities. The atmosphere was incredible: the South African themed dancers killed it and the food was amazing.

We started off with: seared salmon salad, fattoush and grilled halloumi cheese. Complimentary bread and dips were also served.
The seared salmon salad is quite delicate and an interesting twist on the caprese, tastes wonderful with the wasabi sesame seed soy sauce.
This is some of the best fattoush I’ve had, I loved it (will be back for lots more). The halloumi was good but too salty, overall Ocean Basket has executed the local favorites really well, blew away my expectations.

For drinks we went with juices first (lemon mint and watermelon) and then tried the iced tea’s as well.
The lemon mint is some of the best I’ve had while the watermelon was alright a little bland and watery. The iced tea was really good too plus came with a strong syrup on the side which you normally don’t see, which was fantastic!

Ordered famous feesh and chips and the bonsai sushi platter for mains.
The feesh and chips combo is huge, check the serving size (picture below). The bonsai sushi platter was delicious; everything on it was exquisite. My hard won favorite was the avo maki; looks like a normal maki roll but when you eat it, there’s a huge burst of flavor from the cheese and cucumber. Also the ginger was presented beautifully in both the bonsai platter and the seared salmon salad!

For dessert we opted for the chocolate nut brownie and baklava as well as a latte and hot chocolate.
The baklava was delightful, my favorite was the peanut kind – another local favorite done well by Ocean Basket. They truly have stepped up their game while franchising here, catering to the locality.
The chocolate nut brownie is tempting with good reason, so good (put my taste buds into overdrive) and also warning: initially extremely hot. My hot chocolate was rich in flavor. My sister’s latte though was brilliant, the perfect pick me up!

Another plus point is that even though it’s a mall restaurant it sure didn’t feel like one, their atmosphere really is marvelous. Huge props to the polite and helpful staff. Ocean Basket is definitely recommended, especially since it caused my sister (who doesn’t favor seafood) to eat, enjoy and rave about everything!


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