New restaurant alert: Dolcezza

Dolcezza is truly a hidden gem located in Damac Park Towers (picture below).

damac park towers

Rating: 5/5

What I Loved: Everything the entire meal was perfect!

They have outdoor seating with a spectacular view which is great in this weather. The bakery itself is breathtaking, so many options and everything looks (and tastes) good. My mom and I went here for lunch and honestly the entire meal was heavenly, there was not a single low point. Dolcezza is quite meticulous, they have all the tiny details covered. We started of with assam black tea, which is a special blend: doesn’t have any preservatives/artificial flavouring, is not processed and of the highest caliber. 

The teapot (upon a tea-light holder) and glasses arrived. They have the cutest hourglass tea timer with three different flavors (light, medium and strong). The tea itself tastes amazing, pure with a malty hint. We also tried their fresh fruit juices: I opted for apple whereas my mom chose the apple and carrot mix. Both were extremely refreshing and bursting with freshness a must try.

Moving on to the food, I got the smoked salmon sandwich and my mom decided to go with the halloumi panini. The sandwiches were delectable; the smoked salmon was excellent. The flavors of the halloumi, sun-dried tomatoes and zaatar pesto meshed together beautifully. Another wonderful fact is that the sun dried tomatoes are the real deal, with the perfect texture and consistency.

For dessert I tried the chocolate fondant with vanilla gelato (yes they do real gelato :O ) and my mom got the waffle with cherry gelato. The day my mom finishes a waffle is when you know that it’s out of this world. The waffle was fantastic: crispy on the outside and soft/moist on the inside plus went brilliantly well with the cherry gelato (which was good enough on it’s own). My dessert was the chocolate fondant (which had ooey-gooey goodness on the inside) and put my taste buds into overdrive. As you can see from the picture above the gelato is authentic because of the color; it’s made with real vanilla beans and not extract/essence. I also tried the macarons which are the best I’ve ever had, quite dainty and delicate but the taste is extraordinary. I loved all the flavors: strawberry, chocolate, coffee x2, vanilla creme brulee and lime.

In terms of service every person who is part of Dolcezza is extremely nice and helpful. Another detail is that your hand towels will be delivered in the coolest way, two small tabs will be poured with warm water and will grow. You then open them and voila wipe your hands and you’re good to go. The interior is also something to marvel at, looks welcoming and stunning at the same time.

Overall I believe that it’s a must visit and there will be new additions to the menu soon (so check that out). Also this hidden gem has accomplished a lot in the 2 months it’s been open, with flavors like this it’ll be a hit.

Damac Park Towers offers free parking for the first two hours.


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