New restaurant alert: Pressman’s

On Sandwich Day (Monday the 3rd of November 2014) Pressman’s UAE launched their first restaurant in Cluster E of Jumeirah Lake Towers. Pressman’s is a sandwich house dedicated to the early 20th century when sandwiches were first introduced to America. With freshly baked focaccia bread, marinated stuffing and only pure ingredients sourced daily you get a perfect sandwich. After all this yummy info I sure was hungry and eager to try out this new concept. 
Since it was launch day it was super busy with heaps of people which is a great sign. Moving on, I ordered the classic turkey sandwich, whereas my mom opted for the caprese sandwich, I also tried the creamy tomato soup and all three of their fresh juices (orange, carrot and lemon mint).

The food was brilliant I loved my turkey sandwich, even though the turkey was chopped into small pieces it packed heaps of flavor, plus the combination of swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and their signature spread was amazing.
My mom’s caprese sandwich was also delicious you could taste the freshness of the basil and the flavors meshed together well. We got the sandwiches in the big size (photos above) and bigger is double the size.

But I think the star of the meal was the tomato soup since it went great with the sandwiches (which were on wholewheat bread) it was a rich, flavorful soup and just tasted wonderful.

For the drinks all of them were great especially the carrot, it felt like it had just been ”pressed” (pun intended) and served. The lemon mint was tangy but good. The orange juice was refreshing and a perfect pick me up. The prices are quite reasonable and the staff is super helpful.

The only thing I would want them to include would be outdoor seating since the weather will be getting better and having a piping hot sandwich in the winter seems like a marvelous idea. Also they serve breakfast all day :O

I definitely recommend you to try it, you won’t regret it!

You can check out all the details on their website


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