Recently I was invited to a ‘fresh adventure’ by the Barakat team, since I’m a loyal fan of the brand I was super excited.

We started our day at the Barakat ‘fresh and easy’ cafe on Al Wasl Road. The store is inviting with helpful staff also looks bright and fresh. I was happy with the huge selection of sugar free juices. They even had a special welcoming drink just for the event which was a strawberry refreshment that contained strawberries, lemonade and ginger (a great pick me up).
We then departed by bus to the first factory (phase 1: fruits and juices). On the way we also heard the amazing story of how Barakat started which you need to hear from the staff. We also got to hear Chef Mike, CEO and GM speak. We got dressed in our overalls and started the tour. They get produce from all over the world and loads of it comes in everyday. We got to see how the juicing machines work, we tasted the juices as well. My favorites were the beetroot orange, muesli smoothie (great breakfast drink), mint lemon and green apple. Also huge props to Barakat’s staff since they can cut a watermelon in twelve seconds, plus the way they peel pineapples, mangoes, and melons #psychotic.

We departed and went to the second factory (phase 2: vegetables, hot kitchen and ice cream). We saw the way the salad and pre cut vegetables are prepared and it’s a lot of hard work. We also got to attend a cooking class with Chef Mike who taught us how to make 2 salad dressing, quesadillas and Barakat’s new microwavable veggies. The cool thing about the veggies is that it comes in a bag and you can pop in your seasoning seal it up and put it in the microwave for 4 minutes and voila fresh ready to eat vegetables. I also got to try these at home (delish). We also saw where they make their ice cream (which does’t contain egg :O ) and they do so many flavors from chilli chocolate to masala chai to basic vanilla. After an incredible factory tour we were treated to lunch which was wonderful. The onion soup was great (very homely), the sausages were good too but I loved the quesadillas and the fresh salad and fruit salad. We also tried a bunch of ice creams the strawberry was brilliant, my mom loved the frozen yogurt with the mango sauce.

Overall it was a super fun day. I’d like to thank the entire Barakat team especially Mr Santosh, Mr Vijay, Mrs Prapthi, Mrs Shalini and Chef Mike for touring the entire factory with us and making sure everything was okay.


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