Food: Oregano – Great Italian food

Rating: 5/5 The best food and service I’ve experienced in Dubai

What I loved: Everything, there was not a low point in the entire meal.

Last night was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Hands down the best Italian, and there’s a lot even at the 5 star level. The unique thing about Oregano is that it’s authentic, handmade, fresh and great food; another fantastic fact is their back story, which was about how Oregano was started by the son of a very successful German chef (think cooking for the king of Belgium) and his lovely Italian wife, who settled in the UAE and opened a store by chance in the image of his parents restaurant in Liguria, Italy. There is a story behind everything even their rustic theme which by the way looks sublime.

The restaurant looks gorgeous, has an authentic grandma’s house look and tons of attention to detail (hard to find and shows dedication) but I really liked the overall look especially the use of wood everywhere. They managed to pull a recluse craftsman out of retirement just to fit out the restaurants, apparently no one knows what he looks like!
The oil and vinegar bottles on each table are also signed by one of the owners since he hand crafted them.
The ambiance is quiet and great for having a meal plus I loved their music selection which wasn’t turned up too loud. We were walked through the menu and honestly I was sold on everything. The service is top notch, super helpful.

For drinks I decided on a summer berries which was sweet and really good, it was like a super light milkshake, my sister got the thirst quencher which was lemon, mint and soda but it’s the best lemon mint she’s had (and she’s had a lot) and my mom opted for the green citrus which was a green orange juice! The green was ’cause of the basil which was a kick of flavor and super refreshing, a perfect pick me up to start your epic food journey.

Moving on to the glorious food, for starters we went with the bruschetta malanzane, minestrone soup, jalapeno bites and insalata venicia. I honestly loved everything (you will be hearing that a lot in this review). We were even served some nice crunchy bread upon arrival.
The bruschetta was presented beautifully and tasted even better, the eggplant stew combined with the freshness of the cherry tomatoes and basil was a match made in heaven. We heard that the bruschetta rustica is their best seller and will definitely be back to try that: tomato and mozzarella slices topped with both red and green pesto!
The minestrone soup was incredibly flavorsome plus it had beans, from the taste/smell itself you could tell it was on another level i.e. given the proper time a minestrone deserves.
Jalapeno bites were creamy, piquant and they melt in your mouth: sister’s favorite part of the meal.
The insalata venicia was fresh and everything just worked together, the plethora of pine nuts heightened the flavor of the rocket and sun-dried tomatoes intensely and these were the real nuts with heaps of flavor packed into them. I loved the taste in my mouth after the demolition of the starters.

For our main courses, we ordered a lot based on recommendation: penne milanese, ravioli florentine, gnocchi milanese and pepperoni picante pizza. Another fun fact is that the spaghetti and penne pastas are made by hand everyday which is so cool.
The whole wheat penne milanese was delicious, it had a rich sauce that coated the succulent chicken.
The ravioli florentine was luscious, the ricotta and spinach drenched in the tomato cream sauce was really good – could’ve done with more ricotta, was heavy in the spinach but that is only if I really wanted to nitpick, which I don’t since we still fought for the leftovers this morning.
My sister loved the gnocchi milanese and for good reason: it was heavenly and the dense sauce complimented the dish immensely, the best gnocchi we’ve had in this town.
Moving on to the authentic stone slab baked pizzas which had over 4 pages of choices to choose from. We were conflicted but the pepperoni picante was the perfect recommendation; it wasn’t too spicy and since mom wanted a whole wheat base I was expecting it to be okay but it was brilliant. The meat was tasteful and the entire pizza was just magnificent. Now everyone has their own idea of an authentic pizza, especially if you’re from Chicago where pan is king. But if you’re looked for a legitimate Italian pizza, craving that Genoan crust you had or dreaming of Liguria, this is definitely the place to go.
Their servings are also quite generous which is another plus point, we got a lot of leftovers home, which is unusual for my family – we love to eat!

After a glorious meal like this one I thought it couldn’t get better, but I was wrong the chocolate fudge cake was amazing. It was a loaf of chocolate sponge cake, soft and dense but light and fluffy at the same time. Loved the real chocolate sauce (not the bottled processed hershey’s kind which is the norm) and nuts. Not exactly fudgy but was a good end to the meal.
Overall this is place has skyrocketed to #1 on my favorite restaurants list and I definitely recommend you to try it!


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