Food: Sapori Di Bice

Rating: 4/5
What I loved: Melanzane ‘parmigiana’ , cavolo riccio and burrata pugliese pomodori secchi e origano fresco. 

After my amazing visit last time, I decided to head here for lunch. The restaurant is gorgeous. This time we decided to sit in the corner (for the couch); the table was beautiful in it’s simplicity,the white and green combination. Sapori Di Bice is perfect for a romantic meal any time of the day.

For drinks we both opted for fresh lemonade with mint, I thought that it was refreshing but my companion thought it was too sour and it messed with her throat.
Moving on, to the heavenly food, for starters we opted for the melanzane ‘parmigiana’ and the cavolo riccio. The parmigiana was amazing, it had a rich tomato sauce and cheese plus it meshed extremely well with the eggplant. No wonder it’s one of their best selling dishes.
The cavolo riccio was fresh, I liked the flavour of the kale, tangerines and pomegranates plus the dressing was really good too.

For mains we ordered their best selling pizza which looked enticing. Oddly enough instead of sun dried tomatoes we got cherry tomatoes, it was still fantastic but I’m wondering how it would’ve tasted with sun dried tomatoes. The pizza is quite large and Sapori’s pizza’s have a very distinctive taste so it’s a must try.

For dessert the highly anticipated creme brulee was ordered (I had been raving about it ever since my last visit) but as it was laid down on the table it looked over torched, I thinking positively was hoping it tasted fine (since looks can be deceiving) but sadly I was wrong the top coat was really hard and left a weird after taste, it was the ultimate let down and not a great end to the meal.

I would have given it a 5/5 but due to the dessert being the dessert and since the prices were raised it gets a 4/5.


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