Food: Nando’s

I love Nando’s, I’ve been to Nando’s many times before and at one point of time it was a family staple. Recently Nando’s Al Qasba was renovated and since I had some free time on my hands I decided to check it out. I haven’t been to Qasba before but it’s beautiful (it’s like Marina for Sharjah).

Nando’s has outdoor seating which will be great in the winter; this branch is gorgeous with bright colours and an inviting look. When you walk in you’ll see the kitchen and a gazebo esque booth, tables with both chairs and sofas plus an elevated seating area, I opted for table 33 which was a table with sofas near a window.

Onto drinks, I got lemon iced tea while my mom got fresh lemonade, both the drinks were refreshing. Interesting fact: what happened with my iced tea was that as I put my straw in, colour flushed through the entire drink; it looked really cool and tasted even better. It wasn’t that sweet but that was for the best since I don’t like my iced tea sickly sweet.

For starters we ordered: one absolute now and mediterranean salad. The absolute now has spicy olives, peri peri hummus and creamy vegetable dip. The spicy olives were tasty, a nice tangy kick of flavour. The hummus was good, the peri peri did bring a small change and the vegetable dip was really good, similar to a cheese sauce. The mediterranean salad was nice and fresh plus the salad dressing that came with it was good too. I liked the fact that the cheese wasn’t insanely salty, super soft and meshed well with the salad.

Onto the mains, my mom ordered the veggie wrap (with pineapple) and chose chunky mash as her side while I picked the espetada rustica with corn on the cob and assorted chips as my sides; the veggie wrap tasted delicious. I thought that the pineapple would be overpowering but it was sweet, grilled and went great with the wrap. The chunky mash was wonderful, it seemed like a healthier version of mashed potatoes. My espetada was succulent, I loved that the sun-dried tomatoes were wrapped in chicken and the entire dish tasted incredibly flavorsome (the flavor was heightened by the sun-dried tomatoes and onions); my sides were great, the corn on the cob was sweet, the assorted chips were a mix of every type of fries imaginable: curly fries, steak fries, waffle fries, skinny fries and all of them were marvelous.

For dessert, we tried their caramel cheesecake which is divine. It had an awesome biscuit base but it was a little heavy because of heaps of caramel on top but we couldn’t stop eating it (it was that good).

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit and a huge shout out to our server Milan for the brilliant service. I think that Qasba is a great spot to just hang out and enjoy your meal with a nice view.


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