Event: La Creme De La Creme Event

On the 25th of September I was invited to the La Creme De La Creme press and chef gathering held at the Miele Gallery on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The event was hosted by CNIEL (French Dairy Association) where foodies gathered to learn all about French cream. We were treated to a fantastic cooking demonstration by two French Chefs: Chef Ludovi Audaux from the Westin Mina Seyahi Dubai, and French Chef Valentin Neraudea flown in from France.

They both made gorgeous desserts and unveiled some secrets. Chef Valentin made a dessert that is served in gastronomic restaurants, it was a matcha green tea cake with yuzu (as a lime tiramisu), exotic chutney, creamy ganache and a vanilla mascarpone.
One of the tricks that I learnt was to forget the double boiler and just heat up some milk and cream, pour the boiling milk and cream into the bowl with the dark chocolate chips, cover it for 1 minute and just stir and you’re all done, #LifeHack. In the demo he even brought on volunteers to help which was very cool, we even got to taste the ganache, he showed us how to make everything including the matcha green tea cake dough and that we should bake it in a half filled silicone tin.
The way he presented the deconstructed tiramisu was amazing, first he laid out the almond and fleur de sel streuzel (crumble) in a fat straight line then he took the matcha green tea cake, cut them into 4 pieces, took the pre made frozen dark chocolate ganache and used an ice cream scoop to present it on the plate, after than he used a piping bag, filled it with mascarpone and piped it on the plate, plus he sprinkled the chutney, finally he added micro vegetables, pistachios, a chocolate tuile and silver leaves.
The dish looked stunning and he even made single serving bowls for us to taste; I liked it, it was creamy, light and tasted great.

Moving onto the second dish of the day, Chef Ludovic made a light vanilla pana-cotta , strawberry consomme, lemon cake and forest berries, he showed us how to present pana-cotta two ways in a glass and as a ring on a plate. His presentation was also very impressive and honestly was just drop dead gorgeous, the colors pop and it just looks way too good to eat. I loved that both of the dishes were completely different but brought together by one main component CREAM!

For refreshments we were treated to goodies from Tart O Fruits, I loved the way the juices were served very innovative, I liked the vanilla eclairs, strawberry and raspberry tarts and the strawberry vanilla verrineĀ served in shot glasses. Overall I think a visit is owed since their macaroons look delicious (I stalked them on Facebook and died). CNIEL launched a recipe book about French creams and pastries that talks about the history of creams and has recipes from famous French pastry chefs. Valentin Neraudeau did a candied hazelnut, passonfruit mousse dacquoise with a layered chocolate praline, Christophe Adam did a tarte chouchou chantilly, Pierre Herme concluded with a recipe for Classic Baba, many other chefs also contributed with recipes.

Overall it was a great event, I learnt a lot of useful information plus we even got goody bags filled with creme so I’m going to be having fun in the kitchen soon. I’d like to thank Sopexa and CNIEL for organizing an amazing event.


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