5 Minutes with Nargis Fakhri

I had the pleasure of meet Ms Nargis Fakhri at the 2B launch here at Pavilion Armani Hotel Dubai. I got a photo opp and an interview with her. She’s tall, she’s gorgeous she’s Nargis Fakhri what’s not to love she was wearing a gorgeous dress by Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna. Everyone was asking the generic questions (repetition occurred) I tried a different approach read more below:

Me: Since you super busy I’ll just ask a couple of questions. Have you tried both the flavours?

Nargis: Yes

Me: Which one do you like better?

Nargis: I like both, and I’m a Libra people are always asking me to choose but I can’t choose we (Libra’s) are very indecisive. I will say this that the 2B thrill has a flavour that is a known flavour, like you’ve tasted it before, it’s very tropical you’ve probably had it. The second one 2B chill is different I couldn’t place it, it was kind off an interesting flavour that I was confused, my brain and my head was confused. My mind and my tongue were like what is this I don’t understand it where have I tasted it, it’s familiar but the fact that I liked it, you know that was the most important thing.

Me: Because the formula has been worked on for 10 years so obviously it has to be something different and original!

Nargis: Yeah

Me: So how do you like Dubai so far?

Nargis: I love Dubai, I love coming here. I was like truly enjoying myself today running around the mall shopping.

Me: Do you have any favourite locations/shops here is Dubai?

Nargis: Favourite locations ah nothing favourite. Whenever I come back I try to look at new places, go to a new club, go to a new restaurant.

Me: My last question is that is there anything new and upcoming that the fans should look forward too?

Nargis: Well, at the moment I’ll be starting a new film at the end of the year. I’m like slow, like a turtle you know moving slow (giggle) I take my time. Well the next year in May Spy is coming out. No one knows what could happen, I could end up doing something tomorrow and then a film could take like 2 months to get done and it’s out, you just never know. So at the moment I’l be starting something new and then Spy will come out next year and that’s it.

I loved meeting her, she’s even prettier in person, the pictures do not do her justice; she was nice, forthcoming, easy to approach and talk to.

Thanks to 2B for a great event and giving us the chance to see Ms. Nargis Fakhri in Dubai again I hope you enjoyed reading!


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