Food: Papa Murphy’s

 On their facebook page they have a deal for 3 for 59 Dhs which includes one Grande 14” Greek pizza, 6 chocolate cookies, one large cheesy bread and three drinks. We opted for dine in and the original crust.
I’ve visited both the JLT and Barsha branch and finally they’ve opened one closer to my house (Nahda). Papa Murphy’s is probably my favorite pizza place because they use the freshest ingredients and everything is made in front of your eyes. The service is swift and helpful. The interiors are nice, you can see the huge counter with toppings where everything is prepared.
On to the glorious food. The pizza was amazing, the beef salami was delicious, it reminded me of cooked halal prosciutto. I liked how the feta wasn’t too salty plus it went great with the mozzarella. The spinach and tomato sauce was fantastic. The garlic bread was great and super big. The cookies were scrumptious and were given to us in a Chinese takeaway box. I love how the cookies are not too chocolaty. Overall the best pizza place in town!

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